A beautiful young girl that Cares for her best friend and will do anything for them
Alanie helped me when I was feeling sad
by Dezirae Vazquez March 21, 2018
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The most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. She’s quiet, shy, and absolutely adorable. If you get the chance to be with her you won’t let it go, no matter how long you have to wait
Person 1: Look at that cute girl over there
Person 2: Oh, she must be an Alanis
by Blogan Maschari November 11, 2019
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A beautiful girl who has a great personality and is very energetic. She is very quiet but once you get to know her, she is absolutely crazy. She is very funny, sweet, bubbly, and artistic. She keeps her friends to a limit and has a lot of acquaintances. She WILL speak her mind and don't make her lose her temper!
"Damnn, Alani is looking good!"
"I wish I was Alani, she is so awesome!"
by That Guy Next Door August 13, 2015
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The sort of unfortunate or amusing coincidence or contradiction that you're tempted to label "irony", but realize isn't actually ironic at all. Named for Alanis Morisette, whose song Ironic contains many examples of alany and none of irony (except for the song as a whole, which is ironic...).
You plan a trip to a faraway city, contact your friend who lives there who you haven't seen in months, and find out she's actually going to be visiting your city that same weekend, so you'll miss each other. Such alany!
by my name is Cos February 20, 2007
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Alany is a complicated person. She can be nice and sweet at times but shes also very dramatic and can be a jealous person. She is a kind hearted person but has her ups and downs alany is a very crazy person. Alany is a great friend though and will also be there for you and appricate her and don't loose her but shes very crazy so be aware
alany-Omg Isabella is an amazing friend

Isabella- u r to
by aperson123321 October 09, 2019
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Beautiful, Confident, and all around fun Alani is the type of person people confide in when there down but don't be fooled by Alani's looks she's as nosy as nosy gets but doesn't like confrontation and you can't help but fall in love with her personality because she truly is a gift from heaven.
Wilmary: Your so awesome Alani!
Jada: You really get me sometimes girl.l
Hunter: I hate you but I can't help loving you
by Love4Eva August 30, 2016
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most beautiful girl in the world nice to every one. all the guys are dumbass for not seeing it the kind of girl you would bring flowers to even if she dont like them has the a perfect body and always has the best thing to say and has a huge heart .
man did you see that girl she so Alanis
by theguywithoutachance January 10, 2012
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