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She's a beautiful girl and a great personality she makes peole happy even though she makes them sad but overall never let her go because she's so caring and cute
That girl is cute it's alaiza
by Alekassy November 15, 2017
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Alaiza is a kind hearted very meme and vine obsessed girl who always makes you laugh. She’s the one that you can always count on for anything. Sh won’t let you down! She is one that you have to get to know to like. She’s pretty, cute, and caring. Everyone loves her and is jealous when she is better friends with someone than them. She cares for her friends so so much and will never let them go. Lemme tell you, she’s a keeper!
Alaiza is so funny she gets me laughing my ass off.
by YourBFFMo June 16, 2018
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