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A paragon of females. A woman with an unmatched ability to connect with everyone on a unique level and make lifelong friends wherever she goes. A female that breaks the mold of that sex by actually being hilarious. A woman with perfectly balanced boobs and an ass thicker than a bowl of oatmeal despite having a sporty frame. A goddess of the bedroom. A woman who carries herself with a bouncy cadence that often breaks out in shockingly suggestive dance moves. An unattainable and unrealistic model that guys compare their girls to and girls compare themselves to.
A: "Hey man how would you rate that girl's ass? 1 being the Miley Cyrus, 10 being Alaini?"
B:"I'd give it a 3. Definitely bang-able."

Whitney was mad that Jim broke up with her until she found out that it was because he got a date with Alaini. Then Whitney was flattered.

Derek dragged his balls over seven miles of broken light bulbs just to try to show Alaini that he is worthy of licking a toilet seat her juicy booty graced.
by sultanofseeing March 30, 2015
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