akata can be translated to "stray cat" or "a cat who has strayed away from home".

i am Yoruba, and the word is not inherently derogatory or xenophobic as it does not pertain to any specific ethnicity, but like the word jareer, it is often used to discriminate or insult.

africans who move abroad and forget their cultures can be considered akata's and more commonly, aa's.

if you feel someone used this word against you in a xenophobic way, they probably did.
person 1: that's the akata. look at her, she doesn't even know how to speak her language.
person 2: she needs to find her way back home.
by basicallyjane January 24, 2022
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derogatory term used by west african immigrants for african americans. There are two meanings, cotton-picker and fox.
Mother: Those akata's are no good.
Offspring: Hey, we're black too.
Mother: Yes, but they are akata
by drivel June 2, 2005
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Akata is an abbreviated Igbo word, akataka, which means: a tough man like Okonkwo in Chinue Achebe's "Things Fall Apart".
With the emergence of westernization and woman's empowerment, the abbreviated form “akata” was used to describe a tough Igbo wife/woman that can drive away all her husband’s relatives and isolate him from his family so as to gain access to all his wealth when he passed away without given his relatives any chance to claim some part of his properties as is the custom of Igbo people.

When Igbos (in Nigeria) started migrating to America, they found African American ladies tough to control and wayward unlike the laid-back attitude the Igbos are accustomed to. They christened them akata, but now it is equal used for both male and female African Americans.

n. (1) an African American (especially a wayward one).

(2) a tough Igbo woman.
In Igbo:
O na anu onye akata = He is marrying an akata (a tough woman).

Ndi akata juru na party ahu = The party is filled with akatas.

In America:
Well, I'm new here, you can ask this akata (African American, not black immigrants from Africa)

Don't marry (an) akata, she will soon divorce you
by m006 March 27, 2010
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Contrary to popular belief, the word "akata" is not of Yoruba origin.
At least, the Yoruba meaning "white bitch" does not convey the meaning intended because "akata" was not introduced by Yorubas to describe black americans. How could they call both men and women "white bitch" when the subjects are all black? The answer is they did not call them that. More than a dozen african languages have the word "akata" but with diffirent meanings. So every language with that word can claim "akata" is its.
The Ibos introduced the word "akata," which means literarily "to become stronger, to be emancipated" to describe the black american attitude, experience, and character - "we used to be slaves, but now we are emancipated; we used to be weak, now we are stronger."
It is derogatory in a way because when the Ibos call them "akata" they say it to mean "that the black american has uncontainable, intimidating, or unpolished 'newly acquired strength.'"

That makes a lot of sense than calling them white bitch, whic they are not, because that is how we view the average black person.
IBO words:
Akata-lam ahu = My body is stronger;
Akata-lam ike = I am stronger;
Obu onye akata = he is an akata;
Akata ga egbu ibe = the peron with new strength will kill others;
Akata amagh otu ike ya ha; the person with power does not know their limit
by Emeka Oti November 28, 2007
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During the 60s when Fela Anikulapo Kuti went to play in the US, he was introduced to the Black Panther movement. He held shows for them. He wanted to call the movement by their adopted name. Panther in Yoruba is Akata . So he called the movement Akata. And since all members of Black Panther were called "Black Panther" , subsequently Fela and all Yorubas and Nigerians referred to all members of the movement as AKATA. Todays generation may not know the genesis of the word and term it derogatory etc but it isn't. It's a direct translation of the Black Panthers name. And all members of the Movement at that time knew the meaning.
He/She is an Akata
by Chief Engineer May 7, 2023
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The definition of Akata- Acting suspicious and lying when you have no reason to lie. Making people suspect you for something when you did nothing wrong. An example of "Akata"ing would be not speaking when people ask you a question or yelling for no reason and getting worked up.
"Jesus Shelby, stop being such an Ataka and speak the truth already!"

"Man, Ben really pulled an Akata in that trial!""

""I know right, he needs to stop 'Akata'ing.""
by lordinSUCCerable March 24, 2018
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The action of misleading a subject to misleading others. Common examples of this are in debates or crimes.
"Man, Ben really pulled a Akata in that trial!"
by cryptekan March 24, 2018
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