An underage girl who tells people she's 30. She claims to own the company Akai Professional but it's actually a trap. People often mistake her for a 12-year-old boy.
1: Have you talked to akai before?
2: Yeah, she keeps telling people she's 30 but I think it's actually a 12 year old boy.
by Kyle783 May 13, 2018
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teenage term which you usually use when your voice is breaking. It's a saying for acknowledgement
Would you like some butterscotch?

by Sean2829 November 25, 2007
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Another word for okay; how you respond after someone insults you
ur not cool
by sheela hoola April 12, 2018
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Akai Haato is the lost member of the famous VTuber Agency called Hololive
I miss Akai Haato
by shakoskos December 8, 2020
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"My name is Mr. Akai" is a code used by KKK klansmen tell other klansmen that they are also part of the KKK. It is an acronym for A klansman am I. It is used in response to the statement, "I am looking for Mr. Ayak."
A klansman walks into a bar and yells out "I am looking for a Mr. Ayak."

A fellow klansman responds, "My name is Mr. Akai."

Since their "secret code" is now on urbandictionary, a group of negroes hears them say this and they continue to beat the shit out of and/or rape the couple.
by bLiTcH December 25, 2007
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Famous mythology heavily used in japanese culture, originated from a chinese legend. It’s an invisible red string tied around one little finger of a person, that connects them to those who they’re destined to meet and love, regardless of place, time or circumstance (also many times called soulmates). The string may stretch or even tangle, but it will never break. Not even death can tear it apart – it’s the representation of the most strong connection between two souls, united forever by the universe.
Akai Ito (あかいいと) is a myth that has become very popular recently.
by lichtsirel April 27, 2019
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