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term used for this one of a kind girl that you meet when your are like five and end up growning up together and becoming best friends, then one day after like 17 years you finally see her as more than a friend and you both fall in love and marry and live happily ever after
guy: Man, if only i knew which girl i would end up marrying I could just concentrate on her and dump all these ^*&^*^.

Aixa: Dont worry you'll find one day.

Guy: (Enlightened by her aixaness)<kneeling> Marry me.
by Romeyni August 24, 2007
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A girl you meet on social media, you both talk and become good friends. As time passes you both grow close to each other, trusting each other. Aixa is more than just somebody special, she’s everything. And as time passes by you realize that you love her. From what started as a friendly relationship, you end up falling in love with her. Not for her looks, not for her body, but for who she is. She’s beautiful on the inside as she is from the outside. The way she just looks at you means so much, not saying a single word but able to make you smile. If you ever get the chance to talk to her, to be with her. Don’t let her go. She’s the most amazing girl, and I’m blessed to have her in my life. I love you
That girl Aixa, yea she’s my girl, my big head, I Iove that girl
by Aixa Guerra June 15, 2018
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Aixa is a great, hilarious,and gorgeous person. She's always usually very easy to approach. She is a very sweet girl and is understandable because she makes many mistakes. She also has a very wild side to her, she loves to party a lot. Although she tends to look happy, Aixa hides her emotions for the most part because she tends to be very bi-polar. Happy one day the next she's in depression. Her love life is complicated because she's been hurt so many times but boys if you ever find a girl like her keep her. Aixa is very beautiful inside and out. She has beautiful eyes that can lose you in one look. If you ever find someone like her you're going to want to keep her for the rest of your life.
"hey you know that girl Aixa. I think I might be interested in her, shes super pretty. "

"Go for it dude, I heard shes pretty great."
by Emily 4673 June 22, 2018
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is a type of girl that see’s evrything from her eyes she is unique and. she quiet. and she feels like shes alone left out and depressed but the people around her think she is one of a kind and love her. and if u have an aixa in your life appreciate her because she thinks very badly of herself even though she deserves more than that she deserves to be happy she is very unique and one of a kind so if u meet one she might be mean and non caring at the beginning but when u really get to know her she is ... ( no words can descibe her) she. is someone who worries to much but shes a fighter and. protects her family and people she cares about especially in deadly cases she’llgive her life for u and. forever. she also is a perosn who is very hard to earn trust to shes going thru many things in her life so when shes sad or mad or anything leave her alone for a bit then come back and she test people to see. their personality so be careful and she is very beautiful but thinks shes ugly so encourage her she is unique in different forms so love her in or out she. is one of a kind. and changes lives!!
“aixa is lived and changes lives
by aqua koi February 28, 2019
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a mean woman commonly a mother of 6 she is very mean and evil but sometimes she can be very nice
aixa is best as AC
by Leah cosgrow July 24, 2008
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