A dumbass bitch who only knows how to cry over boys who don’t like her
by bigstupidfatbitch June 4, 2020
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actually pronounced EyeT a.k.a Aait with out the A's being seperate..
for example you are non engaged in your dayly doings and you are spotted as such you've been Aait-ed.

and so know enough no further action required.
by CåRl-UPPER-EchåløN January 7, 2017
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He just got out of AIT, so don’t expect him to know how to use that computer anymore.
by The Absolute Highest Authority September 1, 2022
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Better than ite, aight etc for saying ok alright and Yh sure
Ait mate
by Sleuths October 4, 2018
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You aite is told from one person to another. Usually by common definition this means that “you aite”. But for certain people you aite is the highest honor one can achieve. It means you are cool, a good friend, appreciated, and you are irreplacable. Being aite in the eyes of many is being one of a kind, something one sees only once in their lives.
Imma compliment you
Okay bet
You aite
by Boomblache December 6, 2020
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