A perfect individual that is multi-talented, kind, loving and fun to be around. An ait is a person who trys their best to make everyone smile even if they want to cry. If you know an ait never let them go.
She's such an ait. She always makes me smile.
by Pseudonym 52950726 May 31, 2020
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A badass who isn’t afraid of confrontation when it’s due.
Yes, that’s my ait
by Daysafterfriday May 30, 2020
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If you gimme that look again I'll pop ya'ass, ait?
by weega February 26, 2005
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A corrupt form of "Alright". "Alright" in Ebonics.

Incorrect spelling in this case.

Correct spelling => "Aight"
"Pass da jiggy dis way, yo."

"Aight, here 'tis."
by Alwayzright April 10, 2003
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Apathetic Immunodeficiency to Testing Syndrome

Testing overexposure has left millions of young Americans incapable of knowing how to care more about any one particular test over another. A pop-quiz has nearly as much value to them as the SAT exam, thusly they have become completely deficient with regard giving a shit about tests. This syndrome has no known cure and, although not known to yet be a detriment to one's life, it certainly has shown no signs of reducing its spread, as it is anticipated to become the latest educational epidemic.
Mom, I'm not going to fucking school today - I got AITS last week and I have more important shit to do than worry about my SAT Prep Class.
by L-Dub Elie March 8, 2015
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