aggravated..its not agro
im berry agra at be creative and come up with something
by kaptehanapah August 12, 2009
Strong coffee or any other caffeine based energy drink used for the sole purpose of staying awake and keeping up in a math class. Not to be confused with Hemingwagra which is what you take to keep up in an English class.
I'm failing this math class because it's so boring I keep falling asleep. I better get me some pi-agra.

"Adam, since you started taking pi-agra before math class, your dAngle is no longer in dysfunction."

Pi-agra allows me to concentrate in math class and keep it up for hours!

WARNING: If increased concentration is greater than or equal to the square root of 16 hours, please consult your instructor.
by Bad Kram February 7, 2010
An inside term used among women to describe having faked an orgasam during an unsatisfactory sexual encounter.
Yeah, I had to take a lie-Agra last night. The guy just couldn't get it done.
by Lola B. October 21, 2017
Sildenafil, the generic name for Viagra.
Now that Viagra has ceased to be a propirietory monopoly, Sildenafil or Faux-agra is the friend of poor, old people ... who can now afford to have sex once again now.
by Santesfawr July 7, 2015