A city in Southwestern Ontario Canada. Home to Ontario's most hoppin' bar scene and the best collection of drunk sluts this side of river. On weekends, great numbers of Americans flock to Windsor to get shittered and make complete asses of themselves, while the respectable Canadian kids beat their asses and fuck their women.

Windsor is home to what McLean's Magazine considers the worst university in the country, but they only think that because the editors know they wouldn't get a single ounce of trim from the girls there.

Recently, Windsor has been completely overrun with conservative tight-wad assholes who don't believe in the ideals that built and fueled the city, which has led to the rapid demise of the region's integrity, including the loss of the auto industry and the rise of assholes who vote beyond their means.

Windsor is home to the country's best hockey team (Windsor Spitfires), and also boasts Ceasar's Casino, the country's most populated bar scene, and more strip clubs than you can possibly get kicked out of in one night.

Windsor is quickly moving up the ranks as the single mom capital of the world, only rivaled by Leamington and Chatham. This is only possible because of the number of ass-hats that are migrating to the city from these two kife-hole towns. All in all, the Rose City is still home to some of the fittest trim in the country, and there's even places to get 24 hour breakfast like the Husky or Golden Griddle. mmmmmmm.....
John: Where would a guy go to score some great pussy?

Paul: Windsor, Ontario dude, where the fuck else?


Canadian Guy: Man, we totally scored 3 yankees for a border bang!

American Guy: Those cool, good looking mutha fuckaz from Windsor stole our women.... oh well, this picture of Delta Burke will do... fap fap fap.
by Bejnay March 11, 2009
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A small gambling city in south-western Ontario. Known for bars and strip clubs. The highest rated casino in canada is Caesars Windsor. The only city between Miami florida and montreal Quebec where you must stop at a stop light on a major highway. Much of the city is currently employed by the automotive industry, but is transitioning to green energy creation. There are lots of strip clubs in windsor. The Black-Berry Billionaire grew up in windsor. Don't make fun of asian's here. Legal drinking age is 19 unlike 21 in detroit, attracting lots of 19 and twenty year olds to the Windsor club strip.
person1: "Yo bro lets go drinking!"
person2: "but im only 19!"

person1:"Hey why is there so many wind turbines here?"
person2:"It's Windsor!"
by canadiankidfromontario March 31, 2011
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Windsor, Ontario is perhaps the absolute worst city in Canada. Everyone who lives there is bottom-of-the-barrel basic and has no money, but like to believe they are the shit. Those who live there lack education as the Unviersity of Windsor naturally fails to make it on the top 100 list of Canadian Universities. The only fun thing to do in Windsor is shoplift and smoke mad amounts of weed. Everyone who lives in Windsor thinks it is the best city in the world because they have not travelled anywhere else. The only main attraction in Windsor, Ontario is the Casino and the border which connects to Detroit City (Eminem's hometown). Those fortunate enough to leave Windsor, Ontario at a decent age are now world-travelled and have not returned since their blessed departure. The majority of the basic bitches in the world are born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and still reside there today. However, it is possible for one to be born in Windsor and still become swagged out to the max because they have moved far far far away from Windsor and it's over-population of basic bitches.
I'm from Windsor, Ontario but I am so emabrrased to admit it that I just tell people I am from Toronto, Ontario.


Windsor, Ontario is the worst city in Canada, everyone is so basic!


I hate Windsor, Ontario, I left three years ago and haven't been back since.


The University of Windsor is the worst univesity in Canada; it doesn't even make it on the top 100 list of Canadain Universities! How emabrrasing!


I would get out of Windsor, Ontario as fast as you can bro!
by ParisP May 29, 2011
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Windsor Ontario well be the worst city in the world according to all of the other contributors, but let's face it, we still aren't fucking Americans.

As for the University of Windsor being considered the worst University, let's face it, it was in MacLeans, the National Inquirer of Canadian magazines. As for being the worst, considering education is standardized, it really doesn't matter. It still beats an education in the United States.
Person 1: Did you read this year's MacLeans University Ranking issue?

Person 2: Yes, I saw it was on the page after the article on Stephen Harper not being born in Canada, but being born in Kenya and is Muslim.

Person 1: I don't know about the Kenya or Muslim claim, but Harper is certainly a douchebag. Thank God he wasn't born in Windsor, Ontario!
by Thank God I'm Not A Yank June 28, 2012
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