A reference to the male testicles. Also refered to as uggets.
"Who has the agates? Jeesus has the agates!"
by LT GMan December 25, 2005
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adverb, equivalent to "like"
I was agate: shall we go to McDonalds? and then Dave was agate: yeah I fancy a big mac
by Goddog87 December 06, 2008
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Agate is a beautiful, smart girl who a lot of people like and people sometimes don't understand her. They may think she's weak but she's much more once you get to know her. She's a fun and kind person to talk to and will make you laugh. You'll be lucky to be friends with an Agate
Oh look, there's Agate
Oh yeah I heard she's a nice person
by Kurkingflexer February 25, 2017
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i'm agate/am agate: to speak in conversation r.e. a past event mentioned in previous discourse... basically to mention that one spoke in a previous conversation.
e.g: "am agate to sheila: why don't you just have it out with him..?"
contemporarily speaking: "i said to sheila: why don't you just have it out with him?"
by jpsut June 14, 2011
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