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n. a delayed laugh after a previous laugh.

v. to laugh at something comical another time, a while after it happened.
(joke told/something funny happens.) "hahahahahaha..........(seconds, even minutes later)............hahhaha"

Whenever Brian does or says something hilarious, Melissa has a cute little afterlaugh moments after she initially laughed.
by BTurn June 14, 2007
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The laugh from a person who didn't get the joke until everyone else in the room had already finished laughing at it.
Jokester: "He stayed up all night wondering if there was actually a dog!"

Persons 1 - 4: "HA HA HA!"

Person 5: forty-five seconds later "Oh! Instead of a GOD! What a great joke! HA HA HA!"

Jokester: "Nice afterlaugh. Next time, try to keep up."
by La Guapa December 30, 2009
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The one chuckle that everyone makes after the laughing has ceased after a joke.
Kelly: My right ass cheek hurts

Class: Hahahahhahhahhahhahhaaahahha

10 Seconds later

Class: Haha

Teacher: Did you guys just After Laugh?
by Confusedlover219 November 11, 2009
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similar in principal to the after shock of an earthquake- an after laugh is a laugh to any humourus comment which is made after the initial humour of the comment is lost...
Tom- it took Tom five minutes to understand the joke- and gave an after- laugh much to the annoyance of his friends...
by Wrath of Kleptos September 26, 2008
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someone makes a joke, then immediatly after you laugh but stop and look ackwardly
Person1: and the lady sayed "thats a bannana, not my hand!!"
Person1: >:|
Person2: lol afterlaugh
by derpman August 28, 2010
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