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When a girl has really awesome anal one night, and in the morning, she has a very very hard time walking.
Hey Julia, how come you aren't coming to the mall?

Tom gave me after-ass...

He gave me after-ass last year. His dick is like 10 inches!
by me5555 October 19, 2011
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When someone farts and you don't smell it at first and then it hits you like a ass bomb.
Hey man I just farted.
Really I don't smell it at all...ah I smell it now it's fucking awful. I can taste the after-ass in my mouth.
by OGCankleSocks January 19, 2016
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When you eat or drink something that tastes good at first but then tastes like ass right after.
Ex 1.

Moiz: "This juice is good at first but then shitty afterwards .

Zach: "Dude, you've got a serious case of after-ass."

Ex 2.

"I ate this chick's ass and at the time it tasted good, but then I started tasting that after-ass when I was done"
by Ice Hitted Onyu April 17, 2017
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