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A cheapshot program mandated by some government agencies and institutions to give preference to Africans based on their skin color alone, it can be used by females and certain other races as well, but africans are the main benefactor, hence the definition.
I can't believe it...I lost a spot at UM even though I have a higher test score to the other guy due to Affirmative Blaction giving him a 20 point raise in the test scores! /=(
by Piranha October 26, 2004
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The term used to protray the 'Affirmative action' policies of contemproary North American governments as racism towards Caucasians, a form of reverse-racism. Also implies the increasing influence of African-American culture on all layers of society. Seen by some as a plot aimed at the destruction of White culture under the disguise of multiculturalism. Often blamed on Jews (Zionists), Liberals, Blacks and other minorities. Directly related to political correctness, freedom of speech, racism and equality.
Im tired of this Affirmative Blaction!
by Andrey Cuzn February 14, 2004
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A government policy established by white liberal politicians who already have two incomes and won't be discommoded by not being able to get a job because they are white males.

A government policy that favors giving jobs and entitlements to NON white, NON male people because they are not white and not male, without regard to their real need. These policies are created by white liberals who want non-white people to vote for them. To keep getting these votes, the liberals MUST keep the non-white people in a subservient position.
I have been denied several jobs and a seat in a graduate program because of Affirmative Blaction.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
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Another attempt to fuck me out of a job/career/life. Mainly geared toward the african american population but minorities other than african can count, and so can women. They get "treated" different because of race/gender, while the "white" person is discriminated against these days, also an attempt to help end "racism" but its just fueling fire to racism.
Hehe (don't do it)...hehe this nigga (lordblazer) can't spell. FUCK AFFIRMATIVE ACTION <^>'_'<^>
by Peter Gibbons April 30, 2005
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A policy that will disappear once the transition of power is complete and the Hispanics are running America.
American black degrade themselves by using this policy as a crutch. Take a lession from the African (Born) Americans. They're doing just fine.
by Steve February 24, 2005
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A derogatory term for a government program that attempts to counter racism by the majority against minorities (specifically african-americans in this case).

Not a perfect plan, and somewhat misguided in that it brings even more attention to skin color in many instances. But until all people lose their ignorance and stop being concerned with skin color at all, helps gets us closer to where we should be.
I'm a white conservative, and I support Affirmative Blaction.
by allsgood February 22, 2005
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Known as affirmative action.Me being black.BAsicly what this does is allow the gov. to tell companies they need more o fthis and that and basicly they can't discriminate.Well the Corporations got out of control and compete with each toher.Also with the univeristies setting quota which is hella illegal and basicly not even apart of affirmative action.All affirmative action was meant to do is give everyone a fair and equal chance.But hey whit epeople always amaze me even those of this generation.To be told byt here bigot parents that they are gonn ahave there chances lessioned.When in fact they still have a higher chance of getting paid more than me.Heck people think its there to give a free ride but it isn't.A free ride would be "hey i guessed on my SAT and got a 1600 and I'm in college now and I dont do a damn thing and still graduated as a phsyic major."When really affirmative action doesnt give a free ride to anything.IT just gives minorities such as myself the oportunity and an actually door opened that I have a choice to walk through it or not.Without having it adrubtly shut in my face.BTW we go through our own hell hole.I'm sorry you white kids are mad because we are getting opportunities and white adults are acting like they have to make it up by sucking up to us.But really that black kid who got accpeted to that college wasn't because hes black.If its a white college then it was because hes black but he had to work his ass twice as hard as you had to work your ass to get into it.That means that black guy did two folds the work just to get into.Two folds more than what you the white kid most likely would've refused to do.You guys dont understand anything.Like all teh races.There are the rational gorup within this race and the irrational group.Those who bashed this and hte one who chose this name is apart of the irrational group.Who can't think straight and actually believe those terror alerts on Fox News.And actually think bush is "portecting" you from an invisible enemy that doesnt exist.While you can live in blish and ignorance and not knowing that the whole world hates americans.And if oyur a minority in america your hated even worse byt eh whole world.
by lordblazer February 20, 2005
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