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Usually known as Tupac's mother,but also as a mysterious,beautiful, and extremely smart girl. A lot smarter than she will let you know.
Oh,wow.That girl is such an afeni! Gosh, if only I could build up the courage to talk to her!
by layle March 25, 2009
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Meaning Health.

Also known as Afeni Shakur, was the mother of American rapper and actor Tupac Shakur.
She must work hard to gain confidence and overcome

in-born shyness.
On the other hand she's also a ball of energy and will gladly go out of her way to make her friends and family happy.
Watch out tho, Under all that cuteness lies a freaky side as well.
Guy #1: You see that cute chick over there?
Guy #2: Yeah, thats afeni.
Guy #1: I'd hit that.
Guy #2: lol good luck with that man...
by ThatUglyDuckling August 19, 2017
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