Depressed people who always like to blame all young people and kids for just a few or some bad kids
Adults: Kids these are are ignorant assholes

Good Kid: I am respectful I never curse my parents out
by Fuckrudepeople June 08, 2017
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When you're able to smoke weed on your own couch.
Are you an adult? I'm sitting on my own couch watching that 70s show, smoking, and eating pesto... yes yes i am an adult.
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by Sofizzy October 21, 2017
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1. The stage after adolescence.

2. Legally, someone who is (usually, depending in what country you live) 18+.

Now, there is a difference between legally and biologically.
At 18, in most country, you are legally an adult.
But, since most people continue to grow in some way at 18, they can't be considered adults physically.

Even if most people at 18 are "physically" teenagers(they continue to grow), you're still considered an adult, but it's not rare that people who are 18-19 are called "teens" (probably because of the number, eighTEEN, nineTEEN)

It is confusing, since at 18-19, you're both an adult(legal) and teenager(physically).

Because of that confusion, people of that age (18-19) are generally called "young adult".
Marc is 18, he is an adult.
by blackdeath1289 January 27, 2007
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Someone who has reached sexual maturity. (according to Wikipedia)

The age the law thinks that is varies from 13-18 all over the world. Are you sexually mature as soon as you are able to reproduce? Or do you have to have stopped growing? What about a 40 year old virgin? Are you an adult once you have kids? Are you an adult once you take responsibility?

Many 18-60 year old "adults" act like children, and many 15 year olds are mature also. There are 30 year olds that can pass for 18 year olds and 18 year olds that look 30. There are 30 year olds that mentally still 15, and 15 year olds that are wiser than 30 year olds.

There are typically three states of growth though... child > teenager or adolescent > adult Identifying where the second stage becomes the third stage varies massively from human to human. I think there is an argument to say that some humans don't become adults until much later in life
Andrew: I'm sick of bullies
Ian: qq cry moar (brb grabbing popcorn XD)
Andrew: ian act your age you're an adult
by FreeSpeechWarrior March 05, 2017
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Independent, responsible person..preferably over the age of 25.
by jen August 22, 2003
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Adj: Self determined, compassionate, capable of basic problem solving.
Forcing our will on the younger generation is not always the adult thing to do.
by sonderland April 11, 2016
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