Just in case you UD kiddies forgot, this is virtual reality. Things aren't always what they seem. There are trolls everywhere; including the UD admins that love to toy with you because they have your basic information acquired from your email and IP address. Are you assuming the worst in your BFs, GFs, or BFFs? If so, cool your jets. When there's a nerd that you love to hate because you assume they stabbed you in the back (and the front), think again. They might actually be a true friend that's tried their damnest to have your back (to no avail), but since there's life outside of the internet, stuff slips through the cracks. Have mercy! :D
by walking on eggshells October 10, 2013
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Cool your jets comes from a phrase used by a character on the popular educational website named Iready. When saying "Cool Your Jets" be sure to be in a stance similar to you know I had to do it to em.
"Hey Jacoby stop flexing on us you should COOL YOUR JETS."
by Vrodee Squarepants May 31, 2018
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