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A person in charge of a website of system that has absolute power and behaves abusively for no to any reason. Acts include banning users, setting absurd limits, changing rules ad-hoc and behaving like a God. People with admin syndrome are often associated with selective hearing: making it impossible to appeal to any decision made by the admin.

Admin syndrome is caused by a hunger of power that cannot be fulfilled in real life. It is often associated with unwarranted self importance. Both adults and children can be affected with admin syndrome.
This flagrant display of power is caused by admin syndrome, he bans everyone he does not agree with, ignoring any appeal while misbehaving continuously himself.
by BadgerX March 27, 2015
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Typically associated with IRC staff, this condition is indicated by excessive idling, selective hearing, and is sometimes accompanied by overuse of the term "heh".
I think driz has admin syndrome. When I asked him what time it was, he said
by David Friedman July 20, 2005
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a syndrome that accounts for the ones have a movie-series web-site which they have the movie first, but watch latest.
- OMG! You still haven't watch the Fringe series?
+ Hell no, i have admin syndrome, remember?
- Holly Crap.
by drlaennec April 27, 2012
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When a person, usually a relatively friendly person gets admin capabilities and goes power hungry. This is very contagious and happens to most people, but it is developed as the person goes through the ranks.
"Did you here about Nathan being a complete cuck?"
"Yea, that fag has stagefour Admin-Syndrome"
by Gayassnibba February 07, 2017
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