Splinter Cell: Adjective Noun!
Splinter Cell: Puppy Helmet!
Splinter Cell: Popcorn Eyeglasses!
Splinter Cell: Peanut-Butter Monkey!
(note: all the words in the subtitles are usually nouns, but the first word in each subtitle is used as an adjective)
by three newtons February 17, 2004
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To copulate with someone.
Vanilla version of expressions such as "drown the salty longshoreman", "shake the wild maracca", etc.
Wow! Did you see that grade 8 girl?

Yes. I believe that she and i will get together and verb the adjective noun.
by I got no pants April 21, 2003
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Lenfording - To be a waste yut towards girls and have no swag
To lenford is to talk to girls and get no where
Rickie was talking to Kathy for 6 months but was "lenfording (adjective, noun) thus caused him to lose her to joel
by King Tutttetet October 13, 2011
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