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A mixture of vulgarity from the horrorcore genre, with a hint of industrial melody that would confinde more interesting to the mind/minds of emotionally unstable/entoxicated individuals. With the simulation of an Acid trip along with the "blood and gore" endused thought provoking lyrics this makes Acid Trip-Hop a complex and hard to understand sub-genre of Death Rap. One of the most known Acid Trip Hop artists is ChadWicked, who claims to have invented the genre. www.myspace.com/cwickedppl. (this is not a promotional definiton, just saying). Acid trip hop is a very contrevesial style which contains figmits discribing illusion, revovles heavily on death, murder, cannibalisim, drugs, violence, tripping, paranoia, and depression. Not one of the most populare sub-genres in hip hop culture, but is said to be the future of him hop music.
Damn man, you hear that new Acid Trip-hop shit? that shit scared the fuck outta me when i was high
by Jefferyghost2323232 May 14, 2009
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