A branch of the nerve cell that receives nerve impulses from the axon of a neighboring nerve; a tree-like extension of the neuron cell body. It receives information, along with the cell body, from other neurons
"...the makers of the Grand Theft Auto titles—produce addictive, dendrite-shredding play as well truly gorgeous worlds." -Slate.com
by Robert Randall December 17, 2003
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A conjunction used to describe when a book/movie just "don't end right".

don't end right -> d'endrite (or) dendrite
"Hey, sup bro, how was Harry Potter 7?"
" Aww, man it was cool, s'pecially when he broke his wand"
"Hmm, I dunno dude, it was kind of a dendrite."
by Dr. GLG May 18, 2009
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