A term created by rapper, Necro aka Ron Braunstein to define his style of hip-hop lyricism that revolves around violence, gore, death and anything brutal.
Necro is the first rapper to use this term ever in a hip-hop song.
"Brutal, death rap, cuttin flesh, severed limbs, murder you, massacre, the master of malevolance, destiny to kill, fill your body up with holes, bullets from a shottie, aim it, pull it, gently, demented, the goal, chop you into shreads, behead you, then bury you, forget you, let you rot, it's necessary, take a shit up on your plot"

"I'm gettin outragous on you, pullin razors on you, blazin on you, 12 gauge is on you, amazing the ways it puts your veins on you, I warn you, I'll bring euthenasia upon you, on some shocking asia shit, split your face, then spit on your corpse, you're a goner"
by The Truth777666 December 27, 2008
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Death Rap is a style of rap thats lyrics and rhymes derive from the intense lyrics of Death Metal and Goregrind Metal.

Death Rap roots are also related to the violent and explicit lyrics of Gangster Rap, however Death Rap lyrics are more over the top and violent than those of Gangster Rap.

A very early example of the Death Rap genre is the late Biggy Smalls a.k.a Notorious BIG.

More modern day examples include east coast mc's: Necro and Ill Bill.
"A controversial rapper obsessed with murder and serial killers is set to perform at King's Cross club tonight (Thursday) - just for months after a man was shot dead on the dance floor."

-The Islington Gazette, January 11, 2007.
Death Rapper, Necro, was set to perform in the UK.
by Jonathon Doe March 17, 2007
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