A fairly great achievement which could possibly only be achieved in America. Hitting a lick.
Jay Z went from selling drugs and killing people on the streets of New York to become one of the richest and most loved entertainers in show business. Thats an American Accomplishment.
by Action LDB January 9, 2008
Something Donald Trump would say on his Twitter account to make whole nation believe he knows what he's doing even though it really isn't correct and only smart people see the real truth.
Trump: Great job! We just destroyed another useless 10$ tent in Syria we saw as a potential target with chemical weapons facility. Mission Accomplished!
by MJ Tenos April 15, 2018
When you attempt something stupid and pointless you learned from things like friends,internet,or TV but succeed in your attempt leaving you ashamed but accomplished because your life has no meaning
(A) i just did a upper decker in my gfs bathroom

(B) man aren't you just shamefully accomplished

(C) why is my toilet water brown and smell like shit

(B) congratulation you have now officially experienced the feeling of shameful accomplishment
by PhoenixandNova June 23, 2010
What you will feel when unlocking a character in an EA game.
Shit, it took 40 hours to get Darth Vader, but damn do i feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.
by UltimateN555 February 5, 2018
Something immature bitches on the bus make up to insult you which usually means close your legs you smell.
Damnnn girl smell your accomplishments!
by JessaBabe February 27, 2009
Man or usually Gurl that ain't happy to see they're crew gettin' some dick or pussy unless they're getting some.
But they're indirect with the cockblockin' moves.
They're smart cos' usually they're the designated driver or you're chosen booty is staying at they're crib so they'll block ya' indirectly or use blackmail on the member of their herd that you've seperated and are planning to beat down with the pipe

They'll say some coded shit like "Alysha I gotta' head home but you stay and have a good time with Dwaynne"
Alysha thinks 'Shit no lift home and my keys are at her place and she'll Fort Knox up her joint so I won't be able to freshen up before I have to pick up junior from he baby daddys/my moms house with my weave all fucked up.

An Accomplished Cock blocker is a Pyschological mother-fucker who always trys to make sure they've got something on their crew/ herd.
If you meet one controlling your choice of prey then you need a spearhead playeror experienced wingman who will devastate the ACB. They need to be smoother than the average Playa cos' the bullshit they're spinning needs to be the real deal otherwise...well Black Widow spiders eat their mates after sex..
by Big Brown Bob May 4, 2006