Motto of the Loveparade 2002 in Berlin
Got totaly shitfaced in Berlin. Loveparade 2002 rules, join Access Peace!
by Joe Tarantam October 28, 2017
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To make fun of NYU international students(mainly Chinese) that speak cracked English. It was originally from a TikTok Video that a Chinese girl tried to ask her NYU guy friend about his relationship, which begins with"How many girls have you f**ked after access to NYU? " And this video went viral after several meme bloggers reposted it.
"Brah ma labogini is so fkin cool!"
"Access to NYU?"
by FahyyygaodaNYUkid December 1, 2021
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Access so restricted that you have better luck getting into your grave.
That place is strict about their dress code. If you're not wearing a blazer it's cemetery access.
That shelf is so high that I have cemetery access.
That cupboard is like the dark web, I have cemetery access.
No way man, we aren't getting in there, they have cemetery access.
The locks are so good, it's go cemetery access.
Invitation only. Cemetery Access.
by Stella Mar March 3, 2022
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Foster is wrong and can't take being wrong he is a child
Oh no early access foster is arguing again he's wrong
by Foster is wrong December 20, 2020
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A furry that believes that because they only like a furry related character they aren't furries. (I.E. an obsession with nidalee from LoL) (Characters can't be explicitly furry I.E. crystal from star fox)
Person one "Yo, I'm pretty sure that your friend is a furry."
Person two "Nah, early access furry only"
by The darkest mandella December 19, 2017
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It's when a woman's thighs don't touch, because of lack of thigh fat, and they are easily accessible for sexual pleasure.
She's got easy access thighs.
by barbara steel August 10, 2013
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A slang term made famous in Long Island by Astorian influencer J-Killah. It’s used primarily as a sales pitch when signing people up at a gym. Only the manager is able to grant someone world-wide access because as them being the manager, they could actually do that. Although the term is seen by most as a joke currently, in the past it was a great closing statement. The term is also coupled with a fake voucher discount used by J-Killah and is a 90% success rate when pitched correctly. The salesman must have a shaved head even if they’re not bald, a checkered dress shirt layered with a Black vest, and both hands directly tucked into their pockets to present a layer back “I don’t give a fuck” vibe.
Prospect: “Umm, I’m not sure if I’ll sign up today”
J-Killah: “I’ll grant you world-wide access
by Egbert June 28, 2022
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