is always lit for some stupid shit and is funny af
Last night's party was so abdul.
by Iridosyclitis February 5, 2017
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prays 25 hours every day, very religios, loves islam and allah, needs money to support family in middle east
man 1: yooooo is that abdul?????
man 2: yes bro it is look at him pray
by abdul majabad khan April 28, 2022
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he’s amazing, caring and he makes me smile a lot. i love our inside jokes and he’s very handsome <3
zahra: abdul is cool ig 🙄
by scrimpbutt November 28, 2021
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Nice guy never stops supporting Manchester United cool guy total savege. Keen guy strong guy.
Hi jake I met this cool guy his name is abdul he's so strong his friend too called Kaden them to are savages.
by mmjeff November 29, 2017
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a f*ck boy who has 10 side tings but all his freshie mum wants to do is get him an arranged marriage.
mum: get ready we're going to another wedding
son: whose wedding is it now?
mum: Abdul's, hes such a nice boy compared to you
son: mum he has two girlfriends
by DatFreshieLifestyle March 21, 2017
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To randomly repeat words or phrases without knowledge of the correct application or meaning that a more intelligent person has recently said.

(As in the manner which Paula Abdul repeats whatever Randy Jackson says on American Idol.)
He totally abduled me when he repeated my theories on quantum physics as though they were his own.
by Dawn Phillips & Amy Speidel February 29, 2008
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geek who buys too many expensive things and does not understand how to use them; mainly sports equipment.Also is very confused about the human anatomy. Often confuses elbow with shoulder.Does not like human contact. Will often tell other human,sometimes inanimate objects to get out of view.
Mannn..what an abdul.
by S R K November 12, 2006
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