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"The" - A word most commonly and inappropriately used as a prefix to bands' names. Adding "The" before a band's name can cause it to change from a "progressive verb" tense to an "adjective". In other cases, if the band's name is a "plural noun", adding "The" causes personification of the band members, causing the plural to separate into 4-5 individual nouns. Misuse of the word "The" has ruined many artists' integrity, and must end NOW for the sake of humanity, music and the universe before it all ends in horrific flames and death. Please read below for blasphemous examples.
"The Smashing Pumpkins" -- If you are British, it makes perfect sense. (those pumpkins are absolutely "smashing"), but "Smashing Pumpkins" was meant to be the act itself, or the progressive tense of the verb "smash"

"The Deftones" -- It's impossible for each member of this band to be a "Deftone"... that is personification. The name itself was meant to be an adjective and a plural noun combined to describe the overall sound.

"The Counting Crows" -- an even worse example. Crows can't count! They're birds!! And the only band member that even resembles a crow is the keyboardist.
by walta August 07, 2012
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the result of taking removing all consonants from the beginning of one word up until the first vowel and replacing them with the first consonants of another to create an entirely new word, often redefining.
Some abbrevications are:
musical chairs = MAIRS
green pope = GROPE (redefining)
by walta November 10, 2005
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