The texting way of being sarcastic. Google "Spongebob Sarcasm Meme" for an example.
Idiot on the internet: Why is everyone typing in alternating caps.
Internet: WhY Is eVeRyOnE TyPiNg iN AlTeRnAtInG CaPs.
by mshaw43 June 19, 2019
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1. when typing, one alternates letters with caps or no caps.

2. a very pointless way of typing! read: not cute.
1. wHy DoEs ThIs tYpInG eVeN eXiSt?

2. oH mY gAwD!
by andreacky772 September 5, 2004
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...For them freaks who don't seem to mind spending a lot of extra time making their words alternate between capital and lowercase because they think it looks "cool" or "ghetto" or "omggsohott"...or all of the above. Usually the words do not include any punctuation and may contain other random symbols (i.e. numbers and signs)
i dOnT mInD mAkInG A tOtaL fReAk oUt oF mYsElF tYpInG lIkE tHiS bEcaUsE i hAvE nO lIfE aLreAdY.

aLtErNaTiNg CaPs tAkEs mE fIvE tImEs aS lOnG tO tYpE aS nOrMaL tYpInG bUt iF iT mAkeS mE cOoLeR iLl dO iT.

by ieatboobs4breakfast July 20, 2008
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A way of talking on the internet. Mostly done by blonde ditzes who think it's cool.
xXxShExAySamMaYxxx: LoL dAt bItCh eRika Iz sUcH a bitch AiN't ShE
xlilmisskillax: LoLz dAt StOoPiD BiTcH Is A hOeBaG
xXxShExAySamMaYxxx: LoLz I nO
xlilmisskillax: Oh my god we are such posers.
xXxShExAySamMaYxxx: I know. We should stop it right now.
xlilmisskillax: Yeah really.
by Blahb January 17, 2005
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Used to convey sarcasm or mockery across the internet. Can also be used to purposefully mislead and create humour (see r/PeopleFuckingDying)
Person 1: Ugh, why do people use alternating caps as a way to insult people when really its annoying and that they can't think for themselves?

Person 2: wHY dO pEOplE usE AlTernAtING CApS AS a wAY tO iNsuLt PeOplE WHen REally ITs AnNoYInG And THat THEY cAn'T tHinK foR THEmSelves?
by epic MeMelord MAGNificEnT November 21, 2019
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When idiot n00bs type. It's an alternating series of caps lIkE tHiS. Usually hard to read and overall annoying.
D00dz0rz!!111 lOoK aT mY aWeSoMe TyPiNg!!!11 RoFfLe My WaFfLe!!1111
by benmw02190 December 2, 2003
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