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an egyptian word for ( wtf )
a: fuck man my mother threw a knife at me
b: a7a
by vodca333 December 13, 2009
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A7A is a short for أنا حقاً اعترض which mean in English : I really objected .
& It is one of the most famous words in Egypt :)
Speaker 1 : Are you gay ?
Speaker 2 : A7A !
by Shenf December 04, 2011
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A7A is usually said when a person is frustrated/angry.

Its also another way of saying “oh shit” in the middle east
it actually stands for “انا حقاً اعترض" (Arabic) which means “i seriously object”
Person 1: Did you finish the homework?
Person 2: A7A I totally forgot about it

Person 1: i think i lost your expensive watch
Person 2: A7A
by young_pharoh February 23, 2018
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this is an Egyptian slang for "fuck" or "shit"
abdo: I ate all your Halloween candy
aboda: a7a why did you do that.
by Meroi January 04, 2018
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