you,probably you. but also me.
bob:"did you hear timmy was born 9 months after valentine's day?
sally:yeah!that means hes a mistake!
by realgal June 4, 2018
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the act of having sexual intercoarse, or anything sexual with large woman of any way shape or form. unless both of the parties are the same size. then in that case, have fun!
yo last night i got drunk at that party and had a mistake
by mcgudi April 21, 2007
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the new bitch playing Rodrick in the new 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' movie.
"That new Rodrick is a mistake!" #notmyrodrick
by iconic queen March 27, 2017
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Person: so what’s your biggest mistake

Jack Paul’s parents: umm...... let’s not take about it
by :):):( November 14, 2018
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