the act of squatting above your foe, similar to teabagging, and unleashing a fart in their face, barebutt or not.
by CliffDog October 14, 2013
When someone proceeds to jump or sit on an unexpected victims face ass first. A hairy ass is prefered in this process.
I planned to yokozuna Justin Feher's face but his caveman senses went off. So I emeriled him and ran like a motha fucker. He McGyvered a club together and proceed to get his swamp donkey sister.
by Mike Johnson January 15, 2004
1: Grand Champion

2: A Samoan wrestler from the 1990's who was made out to be a Japanese Sumo wrestler.

3: To put your bare-ass on an unexpected victim's face while he/she is out of it.
In Japan, best sumo wrestler is called the Yokozuna.

Yokozuna was so fat at one point when he broke his leg, a forlift had to carry him out.

The Man Show originated the Yokozuna with Jimmy Kimmel's cousin Sal.
by Mike September 5, 2005
To jump ass first onto someone's face. Usually most successful if the person is asleep, as to take them by surprise, and get their face all nasty and smelly.
Penis:"Dude!!! Watch me yokozuna Vagina!!!"
by Douchebag February 25, 2003