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people who originate from Singapore are Singaporish, someone who comes from singapore. A language which is spoken by people who live in singapore,
My friend speaks Singaporish. My parents are singaporish. I was born in singapore which makes me singaporish. Im English, my neighbour is Polish but the guy across the road is Singaporish.
by elzz December 30, 2014
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someone who lives in iceland speaks icelandicish.
my friend is english, my neighbour is syngaporish and my brother from another mother is icelandicish.

someone who shops in iceland likes icelandicish food
by elzz March 20, 2017
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a person who dont care about anything or anyone or even him self and loves to cause trouble and misery to everyone on the planet
a person who farts in a room full of people and dont care how bad it smells and owns up to it laughing there head off
look at that person over there hes drunk causing trouble hes A RIGHT CUNT!!!!
that person over there has just bin to the toilet and had a smelly shit and not flushed he A RIGHT CUNT
by elzz March 20, 2017
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a woman who hasnt had a wash for a year and you got down on her
i took a girl home on a one night stand last night and when i took her pants off it smelt like a dead burger
by elzz March 20, 2017
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