An overenthusiastic, ugly girl who tries to outdo her peers (Ex: Super Sixteen parties, blackest friends, hottest boys, hardest clothes). Very few of her tactics are viable. Often fabricates stories to attract the most attention as well.
Don't listen to anything Iesha has to say about your personal business. She's a quarter black, after all.
by Taniesha February 25, 2008
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A Type of man bun that is worn without the concern for other, therefore it is above reproach. Similar to Gandalf in the Lord of the rings & often hidden by a beanie or other headwear.
That dude is rocking the Quarter Black Garrett Hair style
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Loyal producer of Louder With Crowder and all around good guy. He is a quarter black.
Quarter Black Garrett is joining the stream? Awesome.
by Actual Patriot September 10, 2021
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One who is often self-aware of the likes of others but dismisses them for the sanctity of being genuine. Will find anyone who dismisses honest approach and will put his hands for free on facebook market to anyone who thinks they can outshine him at being Wolverine in the modern world.
"That man is such a Quarter Black Garrett and now I am wet."
by BroSquared April 6, 2022
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