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a nigga with a rocket launcher
a nigga with a rocket launcher came in HAT and 1 tapped my ass but AY i never give up so i CAME BACK with a left HOOK to the FACE and then he 1 tapped my kid so then i said YEET started FUCKIN MY dead KID shit felt so FUCKING good holy SHIT i still have flashbacks of that bitch staight HOGGIN that dick fuckin gobbling that shit fuck fuck fuck so then i rolled up back to the nigga with a rocket launcher (he 1 tapped me again) BUT THEN I GOT RESSED so i came back started fucking PICKAXIN THIS NIGGA i took his fuckin rocket launcher SHOT THAT BITCH BACK and 1 tapped him BUT THEN he gets back up and RUNS like a nigger would so i fuckin GOT MY SNIPER OUT BOOM 300M HEADSHOT NOSCOPE (ez clip) he never came back
by sl0osh May 06, 2019
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