Veterans of the battle of Chosin Reservoir, during the Korean War. One of the most brutal battles in U.S military history. Occurred when 100’s of thousands of Chinese soldiers crossed the North Korean border resulting in Army & Marine Corps regiments being surrounded, all in -30 degree weather in late 1950.
Ray: “Hey Zach, your Grandpa is a veteran right?”

Zachary: “Yes sir, Korean War, one of the Chosin Few & it makes me proud.”
by ZachAttack94 February 28, 2020
What women say when they don't to actually want to confess how many men they've slept with
Boyfriend: "how many men did you have sex with before we started dating??"

Girlfriend: (with an awkward look on her face) "just a few....."
by SexiGurl93 November 19, 2014
The "filthy few" patches usually designate the brawlers and hitmen of outlaw biker gangs, especially the Hells Angels.

There is also an Internet Gaming Clan that has been around since the late 1990's called "The Few". They formed in a game called Shogo and Unreal Tournament. They have members worldwide but mostly within North America stationed out of Vancouver BC Canada. Their president's handle is Filthy_Few.
The filthy few packed up their guns and they went downtown....
by Nebulus_Few September 15, 2007
When something sounds so good that only a few can wrap their head around it and understand it.
by Macsby September 11, 2020
man she has few weaknesses
by Pie=3.14 October 6, 2013