A value between 3-6, but is often used informally to describe any value above 1.

A couple = 2
Several= 7 or more (sev-eral—sev-en)
A few = the range between several and a few
TuanTunc: I don’t know why the fuck people in America commonly use few as their go to bullshit number. Like how fucking much is a few?

Wuani (has lisp): if those silly citizens have any sense, then they should define a few as between 3-6, as a couple is 2, and several is based off seven, it means seven or more.

TuanTunc: isn’t that going under the assumption that all these terms are independent from each other and that all rules and terms English check and balance each other?

Wuani: TING
by Tuantingtong December 28, 2018
a couple including an extra person/people
Oh my goodness they are such a cute few.
by cayser March 18, 2009
Future Ex-Wife; a girl that has a bangin body that you would, mary and sex the ___ out of her but then will have to divorce cause she b*tches too much
Damn there is a FEW.

dude look at that FEW.
by TheJewFroKid February 12, 2009
FEW is an abbreviation for Fat Elepahnt Whore. It is a name given to females that don't listen to someone speaking to them. It is an ironic name to the fact that elephants have big ears.
"Dawne, you're such a FEW"
by GUI64 September 17, 2008
Wow... that A2T is gonna be my FEW.
by siphon colder July 15, 2003
A substitue for words like: gay, fag, stupid, not cool. Most of the time used to make fun of someone by calling them few. Few kids usually are annoying and cockblock 24/7.
"You're few"
"Few bastard"
"that's real few"
"you are the fewest kid I know"

by imnotfew May 21, 2007
there a very few dead bodies here
by TheUltraNoob January 26, 2022