Appropriate manner of saying 'Son of a b****.'
MAN steals cookies from a WOMAN.
WOMAN: Hey! Come back here!
WOMAN: You son of a female dog!
by Miss. AnonymousPuns September 29, 2017
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A PG alternative to the phrase " pussy ass bitch"
Joe: " I wanted to call mike a pussy ass bitch, but i was at work so I called him a cat donkey female dog".
Bob: "That's retarded".
by Huebuckle November 23, 2020
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Just a nicer way of saying something I shouldn't say...Bitch
by Not A female dog November 8, 2021
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If someone says "female dog" these days, they're calling someone a bitch. Often used by children to avoid cursing.
Person 1: "She's such a female dog!
Person 2: "You're calling her a bitch, aren't you?"
Person 1: "Yes, I'm calling her a bitch."
by NoLifeLoser March 22, 2021
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An actual definition of one of the most iconic cuss words: bitch
Guy 1: Have you seen the new girl? She's such a female dog.
Guy 2: Yeah. I hate her. Why does she always wear mismatched shoes?
by Pannwinner1 May 4, 2023
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Its a sexy bitch/female dog and its sexy uwu
Mark:Hey sexy female dog
Lia:hello hot bitch
Reina:are you really flirting😒
Reina: whats does it fooking mean!
Mack: it mean a bitch stupid
by AbussyVirly January 20, 2022
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