A homosexual man who dresses as a flamboyant woman for entertainment or personal enjoyment.
The drag queens were so beautiful that my brother wouldn't believe me when I told him they were men.
by Pitoyable May 02, 2005
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A man who often dresses as a woman to entertain other people. Also called a 'Lady Boy'.
Some drag Queens are trying to change Facebook's policy.
by Potatoes1731 September 19, 2014
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A uasally gay male that dresses up as a female uasally for entertainment
I went to a drag queen show and it was fabulous .
by Maddi_dinosaur January 16, 2018
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A drag queen is a type of performer that is played usually but a gay man.

Drag queens are known for their whacky and fabulous outfits and most of the well known drag queens has been on Rupauls drag race( a tv show on vh1).

One of many famous drag queens is Alyssa Edwards *”tongue pop”*.

She is famous for her crown of miss gay America, her Alyssaisems and her fabulous dancing and drag.

The most recent season of drag race is s11 and a newly released rupauls drag race UK!
Omg is that Alyssa Edwards the drag queen!!!!

Omg I love her she’s amazing!!!
by OMG 😯 October 30, 2019
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A drag queen is a person who dresses in over-exaggerated feminine clothing to entertain... up until recent history a drag queen was defined as a man who dresses in over exaggerated women's clothing, but throughout history we've had club kids, drag Kings, we've had afab Queens, and there are some transgender women who also happens to be drag queens... drag is a queer expression, and the definition is in the eye of the beholder... It is part of a much bigger picture of queer Revolution and is not defined by genitalia, nor is it defined by sexuality... It is entertainment, it is queer, and it is art...
Transgender is who i am, being a drag drag queen is what i do.
by lilithGorgon666 March 07, 2018
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Basically, bingo hosted by gay and cross-dressing men.

The drag queen bingo phenomenon started in Seattle in the 90s when an AIDS support organization hit upon the idea to use it as a fundraiser. The idea enjoyed wild success, and is now much more commonly a commercial endeavor hosted by urban nightclubs on otherwise slow weeknights.

Bingo players can expect a lot of humorous banter and innuendo from the hosts, mostly of a sexual nature. This isn't your grandma's bingo. No one is safe, and players should come expecting to be made fun of at least once.
1: Dude me and the gf went to drag queen bingo downtown last night, it was the funniest shit.

2: Yeah? you win anything?

1: Almost won a couple times. but it was still pretty fun.
by sotaskimmer December 15, 2009
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