Who doesn'yt know what a fever is?!? A fever is when the temperature of your body reaches over 98.6 degrees fahrenheit. A fever is bad, and should be treated with either ibuprofen or lots and lots of sleep.
Sorry guys, I can't go to the game, I have a fever.
by Adrienne November 15, 2003
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Abnormally high body temperature.
Any of various diseases characterized by abnormally high body temperature.
A condition of heightened activity or excitement.
A contagious, usually short-lived enthusiasm or craze.
Hayfever, i.e. allergy.
The flu causes fever.
A fever of anticipation.
Disco fever.
by iannaH December 18, 2005
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adjective. wildly zealous

a portmanteau of “feverish” and “fervent”, unintentionally coined by Louis Motamedi of The David Pakman Show
“It seems like the only people who are going to vote for Rand Paul are that small libertarian section of the Republican party, and they're very passionate and feverent, and they support him with every fiber of their being.”
by any number of fans May 08, 2014
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Enhypen's best song ever. The vibe, lyrics, instruments, visuals, voices and clothing ARE FREAKING GOOD!
Me: Oh my god! Have you heard enhypen's new song fever?
Jay: Mixed up is better tho-
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A strong urge for something. Commonly used after a noun.
I have wedding fever but I don’t want to go through all the planning for it.
by Rose water December 20, 2018
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Feeling like you are going to die. Feeling like your head is burning and on fire, Stomach hurts really bad, and makes you feel like throwing up.
My fever makes me want to drop dead.
by CucumbersForAll April 11, 2019
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To be so awesome that it causes an affect in people. Contagious in awesomeness.
Kanye, surrounded by drunk and hot girls, exclaimed, "Damn, I'm fevering!"
by No Karma February 16, 2009
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