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Beautiful and generous you can look up to her to do what's right. No one can be as close to perfect accept zyra, perfection inside and out with a touch of toughness. She will believe in what's right and fight for it, she is every inch perfect. Not only a beautiful zyra but also a loving one.
She such a zyra, she took care of my children like it was her own.
by actually meaning February 08, 2017
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1. someone who uses the phrase "fail" and "fml" and "fail at life" and "jk" on a continuous basis

2. someone who cannot go for more than 5 hours without fruit snacks or sour patch kids

3. a person you find at 3 am in the library, not doing work

4. watches desperate housewives on his/her laptop on a friday night
Hey Zyra! I see they must have finally let you out of the library. Welcome back to the free world.
by #1freshmanrep November 29, 2009
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