A Zuper is usually a strange, random, crazy kind of a guy. People call him Zuper because he's not-quite/more-than super. Generally musically inclined and very much a geek in every way possible.
Chandler: Wow! Zuper can really sing!
Mike: Yeah, but notice he's singing a song about D&D...
by Brenna_89 March 17, 2009
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A way of saving money for retirement
When I'm old I'm gonna have fat stacks to spend because I Zuper.
by - ET May 17, 2017
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Adj.: Means extremely super.
Came from the word super. Pronounced: Z'oo'per
Thats zuper cool.
Yeah dude, that's sicky gnar gnar.
by DZ69 April 28, 2006
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word invented by Denzel Curry
Origin comes from the Word "Super" but is classified as more powerful version than the original word
wow, the new album is zuper
by clvut September 4, 2018
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zuper blahq is Will.i.am's alter ego for EDM House before he went electro. stylized as Zuper Blahq and pronounced "super black". will.i.am announced the creation of his balaclava-wearing alter ego Zuper Blahq, further stating that he wanted to create a full album as Zuper Blahq; he later abandoned this plan, making "I'm in the House" the only Zuper Blahq release.
I'm Zuper Blahq on that unique shit
So don't be blinkin', don't be sleepin'
I be, I be all mine
by I<3USO April 22, 2023
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