The new MP3 player for trend followers, fad hags, and general 20-somethings with too much cash. Hopes to compete with the Apple iPod, although most intelligent people go with Creative's line of products.

The Zune can share music, movies, and photos wirelessly; but the trendy garbage most Zune owners listen to will break the eardrums of other people who have good taste in music.

You might also get hand cramps due to the controls on the side. You could also experiance the "iPod Cross-Eye Effect" in which your eyes start rolling around and around due to the circuler selection wheel.

Microsoft can't stand the fact that they don't own everything. So with Windows, the Xbox and the Zune, they can start WORLD DOMINATION!
by Lomia November 20, 2006
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A new, crappy mp3 player that some people think is a match for an iPod but is clearly inferior. To use an iPod all you have to do is plug it into your computer and it does the rest for you via iTunes, which is now installed on all new computer models; for zune, you have to install a completely seperate program (which is erroneous, considering that it is made by microsoft, so wtf cant you use windows media player for it?!) It comes in shitty colors (Who ever heard of a brown or watermelon colored mp3 player?). It only comes in one model, while Apple's iPod has several (iPod shuffle, iPod nano, Video iPod, Touch screen, etc). Worst of all it is made by crazy Bill Gates who has nothing better to do than think of MORE ways to make billions of dollars, such as produce crappy mp3 players and video game systems that break down as soon as you buy them and are too expensive to repair
Tony: Hey look at my new Zune!
Chris: Ohhhh, you should have got an iPod
TOny: everybody has an ipod, i dont want to jump on the bandwagon
Chris: Well, you'll be mad when you're zune doesnt work on your computer and you have to get an ipod anyway. Ipods are dependable
Tony: You'll see, my shit brown colored Zune is the best mp3 player and will wipe out the ipod for sure

24 hours later

Chris: how's your zune?
Tony: I got an ipod
Chris: really? what happened?
Tony: my zune never worked... you were right...
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
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A product created by Microsoft in a (vain) attempt to compete with the iPod.
Too bad the world is full of consumer whores who want the apple logo stamped on their face.
The main 'selling point' (and I use the term loosely here) was that you could share songs with your friends.
Seriously though...just go buy a fucking iPod.
Zune owner: SwEeT!11!1 I've stuck it to the man and bought a Zune-now I can bash on how much apple sucks and share songs with my friends!
iPod owner: Yeah? You mean, like, the seven other people in the fucking world who actually own and use a Zune?
Zune owner: .....you just don't understand me! *goes into corner and cries*
by wankah December 14, 2007
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a terrible attempt to recreate the greatest mp3 player (the apple ipod). it is physically much bigger and it comes in terrible colors, brown is one of them. it is touted for its ability to send songs wirelessly over WiFi, but when the person receives them they can only keep them for 3 days or 3 plays, whichever comes first. its so far been a bomb, and Bill Gates should bend over and suck Steve Job's dick. the zune also supports like 4 times less file formats than the zune
Person 1: man i just bought this zune
Person 2: oh thats gay, my ipod supports many more file formats and it looks about 50 times better
Person 1: well i mean i guess i bought it because i feel sorry for bill gates. i mean the guys company has taken a back seat in terms of innovation and overall creativity, i might as well be nice to the guy
by Brendan Hans Kirchner March 12, 2008
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Newb software that was created to try and compete with the IPOD and got completely butt raped in the process
Fuck I need to buy something that is a cheap piece of shit!

Go buy a Zune
by L-white July 10, 2008
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Piece o shit rip-off of an iPod. Get an iPod instead of a zune.
Microsoft copied Apple by making a zune.
by I'm God July 13, 2008
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