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EA Games (electronic assholes) is a horrible game company that if pure evil. They are trying to monopolize the gaming market, and since there games are so poor, they pump out tons of games each month. They put advertisment in videogames to make cash, and there watermark pisses off all the gamers. They don't even support there games much anymore.
EA Games is so stupid. They delayed Superman:Returns for months saying they delayed it so that the game can have the best quality for people. Ironic, that once it came out. The game got an F 4/10 on most gaming sites.
by Danny Nguyen January 16, 2007
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Also called knucks, or knuckle dusters. They are pieces of steel made to fit around the knuckles. These are very deadly. A punch can fracture bones. A Punch to the head may kill. However, you shoudn't punch straight with brass knuckles like most people do. This will hurt your fingers. You should swing at them instead. These things are very infamous, and are effective at what they do best, ruining people. Therefore, if you are caught with knuckles, you go to jail.

Brass Knuckles are one of the most effective melee weapons ever made. They can end fights in 1 punch. Theres other types of knuckles, like Spiked Ones, which are very dangerous, and shatter bone, AND tear skin. Theres also a trench knife, which is commonly used in the US in WW2. Trench knives are short knives with brass knuckles as handles.
Sal and Bob got into a fight, and Sal was beating the crap out of him, so Bob pulled out his knucks and shattered Sal's arm in one blow. Brass knuckles are the last things to expect from a "fair fight".
by Danny Nguyen January 22, 2007
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An Ipod on Steroids. It costs as much as an Ipod, carries the same amount of songs, and is uglier. The Good part is that it has a bigger screen. Nobody has one.

The Slogan sucks too, "WELCOME TO THE SOCIAL".
Dude1:Whats that brown piece of crap in your hands?
Dude2:Its a zune, its awesome!
Dude1:Look around you, everybody else has an Ipod
Dude2:I gotta return this
by Danny Nguyen January 28, 2007
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