Brown is the new black. Zune just happened to kick the iPod's pasty white ass.
by LRS November 26, 2006
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a device created my microsoft intended to beat the iPod. I personally thikn its GREAT, but thres no way it can baet the iPod, they are too popular. and they are awesome... because they have a really cool, big, clear screen. they have really great battery time. They can share music with other zune's (even though like nobody has one), they have really cool features. for example, when you go to the place whre u look at the artists, theres a bog letter representing where u are. also, when you are listening to a song, the album art takes up almost the whole screen (which is awesome) and when you watch a video, you turn it so it can be longer. you can set a picture as your back ground. there is a very good quality FM radio. it so awesomme. i love it. also, pople keep saying it looks like a peice of shit. well then dont buy it in brown (dumbass). i am so happy i got a zune :) it was the worth the high price. much better than an iPod, in my opinon
TIMMY: look at my col new iPod
STEPHENY: dude mine is soo much better. i have a zune :)
TIMMY: iPod's are better
STEPHENY: Zunes can share music
TIMMY: who are you going to share it with? nobody has one.

the only downside of a zune is that NOBODY has one
by myspacefaggot February 03, 2007
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Built by a company that evidently thinks brown is cool; the Zune is yet another example of Micro$oft copying Apple, only to completely and utterly fuck it up.
tosser: I got a Zune
geek: epic, epic phail.
by molecule802.11 April 05, 2009
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Failed, or to fail. Complete waste of time.
It had gas, but the car didn't start. I guess I bought a zuned car. I think I might zune my payments on the thing.
by Felipefjjf December 18, 2006
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The Toshiba Gigabeat S, with a wheel over the buttons and 2 buttons on the side. Microsoft's hope to enter the digital music player market, using the same business model that Apple used- software intergration.

Will probably come up second best to the iPod, not because it's a revolutionary player, but because it has a new, big brand name.

Some suspect plans from Microsoft to steal market share, such as paying to transfer iTunes songs to the Zune format, preloaded content (confirmed), and amazing deals. Apparently, they will be losing money with each Zune sold, and expect to make it up in the long run.
Guy 1: (Listening to GigaBeat S)
retard: HAHA!! That thing sucks!! Check out this Zune! It pwns that peice!
Guy 1: WTF? (punches retard)
by Bixxo October 03, 2006
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The act of taking such a giant brown shit that your gargantuan turd curls around the toilet bowl several times.
"Dude, me belly full o' flautas. I gotta go curl a zune."
by Chief Bobo November 11, 2006
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