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the act of screwing an individual.
zuckerburg: a person who is a sneaky douche , back-stabber, shifty , sly, cowardly piece of shit...
You've been zuckerburged !

Omg you're such an awful Zuckerburg: X
by Pwi November 17, 2010
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The process or act of having a legitimate weblink, especially peer-reviewed medical literature (Pubmed), marked as "spam" on social media instantly by the social media platform. Appropriately named to illustrate the cause and effect of bowing to pressure to curb fake news. Most commonly occurs when attempting to disseminate information that counters mainstream/ pharma beliefs.
I tried to respond to his post with a link to the science, but I was zuckerburged.
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by truthdoc182 January 30, 2018
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