Easter... when Jesus rose from the dead... and we all know what a person is when he rises from the dead...

Taken from Cyanide and Happiness comics on April 8, 2007.
Happy Zombie Jesus Day! *huggles*
by RhapsodyEternal April 17, 2007
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A day where jesus arose from his grave after being dead for awhile! People were like " Ahh, It's zombie jesus!" and " Let this day be known as Zombie Jesus day!" but, the Church being the bitches they bare had to go and distort the story and make it easter instead!
Girl 1: Happy Easter! Ya'll!
Girl 2: Likewise
Girl 3: Ya'll some dumb ass blondes in disguise. It's Zombie Jesus Day not Easter!
by Black Lilac April 13, 2010
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Also known as easter Zombie Jesus day is when Jesus rose from the dead.
Happy Zombie Jesus day bob!
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Easter to us mere mortals. The day he became the living dead
Jaster had a nice Jesus Zombie Day with no shot gun in sight
by Jaster Mereel May 2, 2007
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