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To be taken advantage of by an ugly and more than likely overweight female. Almost always the victim is heavily under the influence of alcohol.
"Hey man where did you go last night?"

"Dude I got hammered and woke up naked-next to her..I got jastered."
by victim of the jaster January 24, 2010
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Moderator at pbreview, as well as Turambar. Although he is less stingy on thread closings, if the job calls for it, he will issue lockdown.
Loves the Scifi channel to the borderline of having couch fibers integrate into his buttox.
Sometimes refered to 'old timer', however, Killer Kat still claims that title.
When is Jaster going to change his bomb avitar? its not like ive ever seen him go apenuts on someone.

OMG?! Are you a member of the Jaster Fanclub?
by llSmithll October 27, 2004
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