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Past tense for the incident where someone who is trying to have fun, breaks something expensive.
by yujuta October 08, 2010
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To be hyped-up or Buzzed on a large dose of caffiene such as an Energy Drink like "Amp", "Rockstar" or "Monster"
Hyper Hyped-up Caffiene energy drink Buzzed....."I came in to work SO tired this morning; I drank an Amp & Now I'm Zinked!" ....... "Rob is zinked; he's Full of energy now that he drank that Rockstar!"
by 1KoolNana! June 14, 2010
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Another word for tripping, Often used to describe something that requires you to overthink or cant explain; can be used to describe the altered state of mind whist under hallucinates.
Person 1 : Man, thats so trippy
Person 2 : Nah its so zinked

Person 1: Don't you ever wonder about .....
Person 2: Fuck I've never thought of that, dude that shits zinked.
by rubz00 May 03, 2014
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