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Zineb is the perfect wife, she adds a lot of energy to our couple, she's very cute and loves from her heart.
She can cook with a lot of love, and she can feed all her environment with all she can have.
To sum up, Zineb is an angel with the best eyes i ever saw in my life.
I'm very grateful i have Zineb, and i will always love her from my heart.
by Zineb'slover November 22, 2012
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Zineb is an organosulfur compound, the name of many beautiful celebrities and much more. However, this is a definition of what the name means. If you are to call your baby Zineb, expect her to become a beautiful, intelligent girl with a bright future ahead.

If you are to have a friend or a girlfriend named Zineb, never let them go. Not only because she cooks well, or is humorous or has the most wonderful eyes. No, because if you are to let go of them then you will never find someone quite like them.
If you are named Zineb, then be yourself. Your true colours are beautiful. Don't beat yourself up over small things.
Zineb is often a girl's name.
by Zxzjsqodysjsoxhhsa June 29, 2016
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A VERY LOVABLE HOT POPULAR PERSON. SUPER SWEET BUT SHE WILL KICK YOUR ASS. has a dark past that few people know because she cant trust people.
I love zineb but she looks like she's hiding something
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The ultimate wife, can cook eggs and make love at the same time and never says no to tequila. Often of Arabic origin, but prefers white men between the sheets. Laughs at inappropriate jokes. Looks best when wearing Converse All-Stars.
last night I was Hungry and horny. Luckily my girl Zinebed me
by Stevie Wonder x February 04, 2010
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