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Zillennial is another name for Generation Z or Post-Millennials.
A Zillennial does not understand that Millennial is a term created by anthropologists to describe Generation Y. Millennial does not mean "twenty-something." Unlike previous generations, Zillennials are chronically awkward, likely because they could define everything in an online profile that nobody else sees in that person. Many Zillennials do not drive a car or want to earn a living, but instead want to binge-stream on the internet while talking trash because they think they're the real Millennials.
by Rosebud1776 November 05, 2017
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Also known as Generation Z or the generation born after millennials.

This group starts with those born in the late 2000's through the 2010's.

For a long time, many people could not come to an agreement on the terminology for the post-millennial generation, but this phrase has been gaining in popularity the past few years.
Those zillennials really don't know how good they have it.
by FlapJaXX March 28, 2016
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Relating to the generation of people born after the Millennials, generation Z; in which your birth year is in the late 90’s or mid 2000’s
“They don’t call it the ‘internet generation’ for nothing, a Zillennial uses more data than any generation
by Cosmicgirl4x4 January 11, 2018
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