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Zihao is a sacred male Chinese name which is often adopted by kind, caring and charismatic men. In Chinese, Zihao is written as 子豪, literally meaning 'heroic son'. If your name is Zihao then you're usually smart, sporty and popular. It is a common trait amongst all men who are named Zihao to easily adapt within a social group despite differences. He is someone who can easily bond with others and has the personality to form relationships quickly. He will inevitably attract both men and women in any situation.

It's every girls' dream to date a Zihao and every guys' dream to become Zihao.
Person 1 "Hey dude that new kid is called Zihao!"
Person 2 "Woah we better back away from that tank!"

Female 1 "Hey girlz I'm going a date with a guy called Zihao!"
Female 2 "O-M-G you're so lucky!!!"
Female 3 "Nooooo why can't I be with a Zihao?!?"

"You're not gonna succeed in life unless you're a Zihao"
by drSIZZLE October 25, 2013
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A smart, talented Chinese boy who is sarcastic all the time. Known for being a try-hard. Likes to sweep at competitions. Dies if he fails to do so. Extremely popular among both popular kids and fellow nerds. Specialty is learning international languages.
"Did you hear Robert winning first at the State math competition?"
"Yeah, he's such a Zihao!"

"I'm going to try to be a Zihao for my next concert and play my piano concerto from memory."

"I better start studying and becoming a Zihao if I want to carry my team at the National Latin competition!"
by rdizzlerich April 16, 2013
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The most amazing guy you could ever meet. The bestest friend you could ask for. He’s so sweet, warm hearted and loving. There’s no words to describe how amazing he is, or how much love he has for you.
zi hao is my favorite person
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